What is the Technique?

The Alexander Technique is a simple, practical method of improving the way we 'use' ourselves in everyday situations. You learn how to release unneccessary muscular tension. It teaches you how to use yourself better and therefore helps you to help yourself.

The Alexander Technique enhances your self-awareness and helps you to eliminate unhelpful habits. Learning and applying the Technique will improve your posture and will enable you to move with more freedom. Your breathing will improve, you will become more relaxed and gain greater clarity of thought. It helps you to use yourself in a more thoughtful way.

The Alexander Technique teaches you how to use your mind and body more efficiently and in a healthier manner. It is a way of thinking in any activity so that you can take better care of yourself. It is practical method for self-improvement.

Anyone can learn it, regardless of age, or state of health. People also use the Technique for the sense of peace and well-being it brings them.

The Alexander Technique is relaxing, yet energising.